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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 6Exposed
By Steam Train (steam_t2007yahoo.com)
`A series of unrelated short stories capturing the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories
character when their late or early development is
exposed upon being made naked in public’.
Story Six
Sometimes luck just falls your way. In this case I
just happened to be in the right place at the right
time.One of the election promises of our new State
Governor, Robert G Cuthbert had been a free health
screening service Uncensored Preteen Toplist
for all school children. The trial
for the new programme was inaugurated in our school
district and our middle school was one of the first to
receive a visit from the inaugural medical screening
team.I was one of the older boys in the sixth grade and had
already had my 12th birthday. All sixth graders at our
middle school are rostered to be a runner for the
administration office. The task was called being a
`slave for a day’ by us kids, but in truth it was
pretty enjoyable. A day Uncensored Preteen Toplist off from lessons was always
welcomed and all you did was sit in a chair at a desk
in the corner of the main school office and run
errands for the office staff or the Principal and
Deputy Principal.As luck would have it, my first rostered `slave day’
for the year was the day before the medical screening
team were to arrive to run a trial session with the
schools 8th grade students. The plan being that the
programme would be implemented fully over a two year
period. The trial sessions in various schools were
being used to iron out procedures and logistical
issues.At the end of my day as a `slave’, I was sitting in my
corner counting down the minutes to the final bell
checking out Lindsay Kent an eighth grade girl who was
at that moment standing at the office counter handing
over something from her class teacher. Lindsay was a
tall attractive well developed girl with firm looking
`C’ cup breasts. She knew she had what it takes too,
treating seventh and sixth grade boys with total
disdain and a lot of her fellow eighth grade boys not
much better. Any boy that was not at least her height
and did not look Uncensored Preteen Toplist
developed was treated as beneath her
notice.Just as Lindsay was about to leave the office counter
our Deputy Principal Mrs Bates came out of the main
office with the senior clerical assistant Mrs Cooper.
They looked around the foyer and noticing me sitting
in the corner beckoned me to come over.As I walked over to where they were standing I
thought, `Fuck, not an errand, not now the bells about
to go’. They also stopped Lindsay as she walked past
them and made the two of us stand side by side as Mrs
Bates spoke to us. Lindsay was so tall that the top of
my head barely reached above her well-developed
breasts.Thankfully Mrs. Bates did not take very long. I was
back sitting in my corner when the bell went, pleased
with the knowledge that I had been selected along with
Lindsay to act as runners for the trial medical
screening team that was attending our school tomorrow
and Thursday to screen all the eighth grade students
as part of the trial. I was getting out of two more
days of classes and Lindsay one. The eighth grade boys
would be screened tomorrow when we would both assist
as runners and then on Thursday because Lindsay would
be a participant in the trial screening herself, Mrs.
Bates said she would appoint someone else to assist me
as a runner on Uncensored Preteen Toplist Thursday.Walking home from school with my friend Joseph I told
him how I was quite looking forward to tomorrow, not
just because I was missing class but because I was
going to enjoy being in a position where I could watch
the eighth grade boys getting nervous about their
medical screening. Since it had been announced that
our school was one of the trial locations and that the
eighth grade would be the first guinea pigs, much of
the talk at school especially amongst the big tough
eighth graders had cantered around just what would be
involved in the screening. I was going to play on this
nervousness as much as possible tomorrow.Letters had been sent home for parental consent and I
had seen the copy sent home with my friend Joseph’s
older brother Steven who was in the eighth grade. The
Governor’s medical screening initiative was a thorough
physical examination, the talk amongst the eighth
grades was divided as to just what `thorough’ would
mean they had to undergo.I hoped it was a full medical that involved nudity.
Not that I expected to see them nude but if they had
to strip naked and expose themselves then the
discomfort levels amongst the eighth graders would
rise as word spread. I was going to enjoy that greatly
as the barer of the summons to attend the school
clinic.Ever since the first day a few months ago when I had
first set foot inside the middle school Uncensored Preteen Toplist as one of the
new sixth grade students I had been picked on,
especially by the big Uncensored Preteen Toplist tough eighth graders. Tomorrow
might just prove to be my chance for some revenge and
to see just how tough they really were. I was going to
enjoy collecting the eighth graders from their home
rooms or other classrooms and walking them to the
clinic. A lot of them sure liked to dish it out but
could they also take it?Hazing and bullying of sixth graders by the older kids
was pretty common. The teachers tried to stop it from
occurring but the eighth grade boys were experts in
doing their deeds when no one in authority was around.
On one occasion Joseph and I had been pushed into the
girls bathroom; three times I had been caught in the
boy’s washrooms and my arms held whilst other guys
tickled me. On one occasion they did it for so long
that I I peed myself. Then two weeks ago as Joseph and
I were leaving the school to walk home after the final
bell we were intercepted by a gang of eight and
seventh graders and knocking down to the ground,
pantsed of both shorts and boxers and then our private
parts had been filmed by the gang using their cell
phones as Joseph and I blushed away profusely.Being an only child with no siblings, I was very shy
and modest. At school I was one of a large group of
boys who always wore their gym clothes under their
street clothes and did not shower after PE. Being
totally exposed when I was pantsed was a profoundly
humiliating experience. I had started puberty but only
just and I was mortified when everyone got a good look
at what had been my private parts up to that moment.
Everyone who was there saw that I had only a sparse
growth of fine, downy, lightly pigmented, pubic hair
at the base of the penis. My testicles had begun to
get larger, and my scrotum had reddened a bit and
altered texture though Uncensored Preteen Toplist
it had not started to hang
down. My circumcised penis had not grown at all; it
was still 2 inches flaccid and 3 _ erect. I know this
because I measure my penis almost every week in the
hope that it may have started growing.Even as I was suffering at the hands of my attackers I
still looked over at my near naked friend Joseph. I
could not despite my own predicament help but be
curious about what Uncensored Preteen Toplist Joseph looked like. Joseph was
three weeks older than me and was just about the
oldest boy in our whole grade. He was the same height
as me when summer holidays begun but during them he
had a growth spurt and was now about 2 inches taller
than me. His voice had also begun to crack over this
same period. Joseph had much more pubic hair than me,
though like mine it was not real dense. It was made up
of dark and curly hairs that spread thinly across his
groin. His penis was longer than mine flaccid but it
was just as skinny. Like me, he was circumcised and
the exposed glans at the head of his penis had
darkened in colour compared to mine. His scrotum had
begun to hang and his left testical was hanging lower
than the right and they were noticeably larger than
mine.On the Wednesday morning I reported to the school
office as Mrs. Bates had instructed, accompanied by
Joseph who hung around in the forlorn hope that he too
might get selected as well. Lindsay was already there
waiting, chatting with her two closest friends, Terri
and Kim. They ignored Joseph and me, but I heard Kim
comment to Lindsay about being stuck with a little 6th
grader.Our middle school is not large compared to many middle
schools and thus the school clinic is not very large.
It is a rectangular room located on the left hand side
of the corridor that leads from the main classroom
block to the administration building.The medical screening team had already arrived and was
setting up when the senior clerical assistant Mrs
Cooper escorted Lindsay and I to the clinic and
introduced us to Doctor Lennon and Nurse Acorea. Dr.
Lennon was a very attractive and surprisingly young
looking female in her late twenties with short blonde
hair, large breasts, a tight waist and a prominent
behind. Nurse Acorea was a short handsome male in his
mid twenties with dark hair, a broad chest and a
muscular appearance.The clinic had been rearranged. One of the fold up
beds had been put away into the back left corner of
the room. Three chairs were positioned along the Uncensored Preteen Toplist back
wall where the bed usually resided and three plastic
tubs were located on the floor under the chairs. A
hinged four panel screen had been erected just inside
the entry door of the clinic, two panels going
straight out from the wall then the third turning at
forty five degrees to the left back towards the door
and the last panel turning another forty five degrees
in the same direction. The screen therefore gave
privacy to those within and created a small entry nook
before you entered the clinic proper.A desk and two chairs were facing back into the room
located between the screen and the three chairs along
the far wall. Two chairs were located on the room side
of the desk their backs next to the room face of the
first privacy screen panel that turned at forty five
degrees. The original solid clinic examination table
had not been moved. It was still located under the
high windows on the wall opposite the entry door
approximately opposite the privacy screen.The only alteration made to the room set up after we
arrived was done to accommodate Lindsay. As today’s
screenings were all 8th grade boys one of the two
chairs located on the room side of the desk was
relocated into a small space near the second and third
panel of the privacy screen in the entry nook to
afford the boys privacy from the opposite sex. It
appeared I was to use the one remaining chair located
next to the desk. This suited me, I didn’t want to be
stuck with Lindsay and this location would afford me a
much better view of the 8th graders discomfort and
hopeful humiliation if they had Uncensored Preteen Toplist to strip down to their
underpants. Enjoy the opportunity whilst I could I
thought as I now knew that tomorrow I would have to
swap seats and sit out in the entry nook when the 8th
grade girls were being examined.As soon as the bell sounded Nurse Acorea gave me two
lists containing three names each. I was instructed to
give one list to Lindsay and then we were both
dispatched to the rooms listed to collect the first
boys for screening. The lists divided the boys up into
rooms, telling Lindsay Uncensored Preteen Toplist and I where each of the boys
were located at that time of the day. All were in home
rooms for the start of the school day. I took off on
my collection run and bought back three very nervous
guys, Jamal Aarons, Reece Ballimore and Brady Burkett.
Nurse Acorea had instructed that the boys were to be
lined up against the wall outside in the corridor.
Only Lindsay and I were to enter the clinic and only I
was permitted to pass beyond the nook without
permission. Lindsay was to hand her list to me with
those she had collected marked off.Lindsay was something of a cocktease and played on the
discomfort levels Uncensored Preteen Toplist of the three boys she had collected,
Ethan Anderson, Tim Arnott and Leroy Christian. She
was lining them up against the wall as I arrived with
my three. Lindsay handed me her list then knocked once
on the clinic door and entered. She sat down in her
seat in the nook and I walked around past the privacy
screen and up to the desk at which Dr. Lennon and
Nurse Acorea were Uncensored Preteen Toplist seated and handed the two completed
lists to Nurse Acorea.”Bring in Jamal Aarons, Ethan Anderson and Tim Arnott
and have them sit on the three chairs on the back
wall” Nurse Acorea instructed me.I went back out to the hallway past Lindsay who was
watching with anticipation and the instant I opened
the clinic door the nervous prattle from the six boys
in the hallway fell away. By the look on the faces of
the three chosen boys when I called out their names
and asked them to come into the clinic, you would have
thought they were entering for their execution.I directed them past Lindsay who smiled and winked at
the three of them as they passed and took them over to
the three chairs that had been positioned along the
back wall of the clinic where the collapsible bed
usually resided. I then went over and took my seat
next to Nurse Acorea.It was Dr. Lennon who addressed the three very nervous
looking boys, firstly introducing Nurse Acorea and
then herself before asking the boys to remove all
items of clothing and jewellery except their
underpants and place them in the plastic tubs under
their seats.`Yes’ I thought `Some real humiliation here’ as I
heard the doctors comments. Of course if they were
wearing boxers they would not be exposing any more
than they did in swimmers but I was confident some
would be wearing briefs and apart from the swim teams
no one I knew wore speedo style swimmers in public.
Even in boxers I was sure a lot of the 8th grade boys
would be feeling embarrassed to be reduced to such a
meagre covering of clothes.Slowly all three boys removed their shoes and socks
and then pulled their shirts off over their heads and
placed them in the tubs. Then they dropped their pants
and stepped out of them before nervously resuming
their seats.The first boy called up by Dr. Lennon was Jamal
Aarons. Being of African American descent his skin was
a soft brown. He had a solid build, not skinny but
defiantly not fat. He stood around five foot seven
with dark hair and his naked chest was smooth and
showed signs of muscular development. I could see
wisps of hair sticking out from his arm pits. He was
wearing cotton boxers with a checked print.The doctor approached Jamal whilst the nurse recorded
the details Uncensored Preteen Toplist the doctor called out onto the paper
before him at the deskThe doctor checked that Jamal’s exact age was 13 and
10 months, called out for the nurse to record that
Jamal’s eyes were brown, hair colour was dark brown
and then directed Jamal to stand up on the scales next
to the desk and his weight was recorded as 121 pounds.
He then moved Jamal over to the opposite wall to where
the other two boys were nervously sitting waiting
their turn and measured his height. With his back flat
against the wall chart I am sure Lindsay would have
seen him in his boxers from her position in the nook
if she desired. It was hard to tell with his skin
colour if he was blushing but I was certain his skin
reddened as he noticed that Lindsay could see him from
her position in the nook.When Jamal’s height had been recorded the doctor
checked his ears, nose, mouth and throat and examined
his posture.Once this was complete the doctor ordered Jamal to sit
up on the examination table that was located opposite
the entrance door protected from view by the privacy
screen. She then tested Jamal’s blood pressure and
then putting her stethoscope on Jamal’s chest checked
his heart rate.Things then got much more interesting. Dr. Lennon had
Jamal lie down and began testing his abdomen by
pressing all over his belly including areas covered by
his boxers. Her hands must have been perilously close
to Jamal’s genitals as she checked out his lower
abdomen through the fabric of his boxers.A noticeable tent was beginning to appear in the front
of Jamal’s boxers.Just as I was wishing that I could see what Jamal was
hiding underneath my heart skipped a beat when Dr.
Lennon stated Uncensored Preteen Toplist
without emotion to Jamal, “I need you to
lower your boxers so l can do a quick hernia test and
record your `Tanner Stage’, then you’re all finished.”This was so great, I had never hoped for complete
nudity. The thought of all the 8th grade boys having
to expose themselves like this produced an
instantaneous erection in my pants as well!Slowly Jamal lowered his boxers, giving Uncensored Preteen Toplist me an
unobstructed view of his genitals as his boxers
cleared his groin. I leaned forward unconsciously, as
Jamal lowered his boxers all the way down to his
ankles. As I leaned forward I heard Lindsay whisper,
“Pssst move back you little shit!”I did as instructed realising then that Lindsay was
peeking at Jamal through the small slit that separated
the panels in the privacy screen. Did I care that a
girl was watching the 8th graders get naked. You have
to be kidding! Revenge is sweat, even if they didn’t
realise they were being watched, I knew they were
being seen and that somehow made it even better!Dr. Lennon rested her hands on Jamal’s groin, right
next to his balls. I noticed Jamal jump slightly at
this close touch.”Turn your head and cough” the doctor instructed.Jamal turned his head to the left and looked at me
then coughed.”Again” Uncensored Preteen Toplist the doctor instructed.And again Jamal coughed.Then the doctor calmly Uncensored Preteen Toplist and professionally asked Jamal
as he lay on the examination table totally exposed,
“Can you ejaculate and if you can how old were you the
first time you achieved an ejaculation?”I heard Ethan Anderson and Tim Arnott both utter a
miserable whining sound as the realisation that they
too would have to provide answers to the same
humiliating question hit them. I hope no one noticed
the smile on my face. This was just awesome, better
than I had ever hoped. Jamal looked totally mortified
at the very private question he had just been asked by
the doctor.”Umm ^ errr ^. Umm, I think it was soon after I turned
12.” Jamal nervously replied.Nurse Acorea wrote down Jamal’s answer as the doctor
asked the nurse for the Prader orchidometer. Nurse
Acorea picked up a string of 12 wooden, egg-shaped
beads with numbers written on them and handed them to
the doctor.”Jamal this is an orchidometer and I am gong to use it
to measure the volume of your testicles to monitor
your development. This Uncensored Preteen Toplist means I will need to feel the
size of your testicles and then find on the
orchidometer the size that matches” the doctor
informed Jamal.Jamal just gave a nodded head movement of acceptance.Dr. Lennon reached down to Jamal’s scrotum and gently
rolled the left testicle between her fingers until she
determined which size on the orchidometer matched.”12 cc’s left testical” the doctor informed the nurse
who recorded the details, “same size for the right
testical” the doctor continued.”Now I need to inspect your body to determine your
Tanner Stage based your genital development and pubic
hair growth, then that’s the final procedure” Dr
Lennon informed Jamal.”Please take off your boxers and stand before me” Dr.
Lennon instructed.Jamal kicked off his boxers that were already around
his ankles and alighted from the examination table and
stood before the doctor. Jamal was now totally naked
standing in front of the doctor and thus giving me a
very good view of his naked body. He was nearly
fourteen years old and all the talk at school was that
African American’s were more ‘endowed’ than Whites.Jamal upheld this theory that was for certain. His
erection had now subsided but when he had first
lowered his boxers his penis had to have been 5 _
inches erect which was impressive for a guy who was
still a couple of months short of turning 14. Flaccid,
his thick circumcised penis was still impressive,
drooping down a good 4 inches above his plump scrotum
which was dangling down between his legs. The head of
his circumcised penis was noticeably a dark pink and
stood out in contrast to the darker brown skin of his
penile shaft.With his soft brown skin I was surprised that I could
still see a visible tan line above his two inches of
course, dark hair that had grown above the base of his
penis. There was even some hair on his scrotum.Dr. Lennon then bent over Uncensored Preteen Toplist to get a closer look at
Jamal’s groin, “Tanner stage four” he called out to
the nurse, “His pubic hair has grown to cover the base
of his penis and has begun to grow on the upper part
of his scrotum. His pubic hair is dark, coarse, and
curly. The scrotal skin is darker, his penis is long
and thick and the glans of the penis is prominentDr. Lennon then lifted Jamal’s arms in turn exposing
his pit hairs and informed the nurse, Amount of
underarm hair, moderate to thick.Dr. Lennon then gave Jamal a sealed envelope and
informed him that his examination was over. The letter
he explained was for Jamal’s parents or guardians and
was requesting student volunteers for a program to be
run in conjunction with the new medical screenings.
The volunteers were required for a study collecting
clinical data and biological samples of sperm, from
among the teenager students attending the middle
schools in the state. The observed results would be
analysed and the potential implications arising from
biological development and environmental exposures
would be compared.Jamal Uncensored Preteen Toplist just looked happy that the most private parts of
his body no longer needed to be exposed. He took the
letter and hurried back over to collect his underpants
and began dressing as Ethan Anderson was called before
the doctor.Ethan’s medical examination was identical to Jamal’s.
The only interruption being that Nurse Acorea
dismissed Jamal when he was fully dressed and I was
dispatched to the corridor to bring in the fourth boy
we had collected, Reece Ballimore.Leroy Christian one of the real bullies of the 8th
grade who was waiting in the corridor quizzed Jamal
about what was going on in the clinic. Jamal’s reply
as he walked past was, “Just about everything, hope
you ain’t got any secrets cause they are about to be
exposed”. Leroy looked real scared and poor Reece
looked like he was about to piss himself especially
when I escorted him into the clinic and he observed
Ethan Anderson laying naked on the examination table
Dr. Lennon checking his groin for a hernia.When Dr. Lennon inspected Ethan for his Tanner stage
he was rated a stage three. Dr. Lennon commenting to
the nurse that Ethan’s scrotum had begun to hang with
his left testical hanging lower than the right. His
circumcised penis was long and thin unlike the thick
penis Jamal had displayed. Ethan had a thin covering
of pubic hair that spread across his groin. A small
amount of fine hair under Ethan’s arms was also noted.
Amusingly for me Ethan’s voice often cracked under the
strain of answering the doctor’s questions and his
exposed breasts stood out like a young girls as fat
had accumulated under the nipples and the areota’s
around his nipples had darked.The next three boys, Tim Arnott, Reece Ballimore and
Brady Burkett were all Tanner stage threes. Reece was
an obese boy and when naked before the doctor you
could hardly see his flaccid penis due to the thick
covering of fat that hung down almost covering it. He
probably had the next biggest penis after Jamal Uncensored Preteen Toplist
his excessive fat made him look anything but well
endowered.Lindsay and I had been dispatched to bring down six
more boys once Brady Burkett was bought into the
clinic. I made sure I hurried to the designated rooms
and bought back the next three boys on my list in time
to see Leroy Christian one of the 8th grade guys who I
was really going to enjoy being humiliated.Leroy acted tough and he was a good fighter but at
five feet two inches tall and a hundred and one
pounds, he still looked like a boy and had not lost
the soft contours of preadolescence.I revelled in how uneasy Leroy looked when he was made
to undress and thrilled at the crimson hues that
cascaded across his body as he was called up in just
his red briefs before the doctor. When it came to the
moment of truth and Leroy was made to lower his briefs
so the doctor could examine his groin the humiliated
Leroy at first lowered them just an inch then at the
doctor’s urging of, “Lower please” to just above his
penis exposing his totally hairless groin and it
required the doctor to say, “I need them right down so
I can check your groin for hernia please Leroy”. The
now profusely blushing bully was finally forced to
lower his red briefs down around his knees exposing
his uncut penis and tiny scrotum which were
humiliatingly undeveloped for a fourteen year old.Leroy was obviously not quite a dry shooter, as his
throbbing 3 inch erection had produced a clear drop of
pre cum which had leaked onto the tip of his penis.
The doctor quickly rated Leroy as a Tanner stage two
boy.Yes revenge was sweet. I got to see all the 8th grade
boys naked over the remainder of that day. There were
a few who were rated Tanner stage 5, a reasonable
number who were stage 4 and the bulk were Tanner stage
3. A smaller number were tanner stage 2 with an even
smaller but not insignificant number who were still
stage 1.I know Lindsay got to see all the boys naked peeking
through the crack between the privacy screens. She
knew I knew but had not said anything. It meant I was
going to have a good peek myself the next day when the
8th grade girls were to be examined. Lindsay couldn’t
stop me from peeking could she as she had done the
same. The real bonus of the day came late after the
last boy had dressed and gone back to Uncensored Preteen Toplist
his homeroom.
Our Deputy Principal Mrs Bates came into the clinic
and checked with Dr. Lennon how the day had gone and
how Lindsay and I had behaved.When Mrs Bates suggested she had to go find another
girl because Lindsay would be involved in the
examinations tomorrow, Dr. Lennon suggested he examine
her now and then she could continue in the role which
she had done today.Lindsay blushed but the decision was made. Mrs Bates
left and I was dispatched to behind the privacy screen
whilst Lindsay was ordered to strip to her bra and
panties.Lindsay let out a deep nervous sigh at this command
and then began to unbutton her blouse. I watched her
undress through the very crack that she had watched
all the boys undress. She knew I was watching, but
there was nothing she could do about it.When she finished unbuttoning her blouse she took it
off and tossed it into the tub. Standing in her frilly
white bra she then kicked her shoes off and removed
her socks and placed them with her blouse. Then she
undid the snap on her jeans and lowered the zipper
before slipping them off to join her other clothes in
the tub.My penis was fully erect just seeing Lindsay Kent
standing there in her white bra and panties, knowing
more would be revealed later.Like with the boys the doctor checked Lindsay’s exact
age was 14 years and 2 months, had the nurse note down
that her eyes were blue and her hair colour was dark
blonde. The doctor then directed Lindsay to stand up
on the scales next to the desk and her weight was
recorded her height was measured.With her back Uncensored Preteen Toplist flat against the wall chart I confirmed
that Lindsay would have seen all the boys as their
height was taken from her position in the nook. When
Lindsay’s height had been recorded the doctor then
checked her ears, nose, mouth and throat and examined
her posture.Once this was complete the doctor ordered Lindsay to
sit up on the examination table just like she had done
with all the boys and proceeded to test Lindsay’s
blood pressure and then putting her stethoscope on
Lindsay’s chest checked her heart rate.Dr. Lennon then had Lindsay lie down and began
pressing all over her belly including areas close to
her bra and panties. Then the moment of truth for
Lindsay arrived when Dr. Lennon informed her, “I need
you to remove your bra and lower your panties so l can
record your `Tanner Stage’ and perform a pelvic
examination, then you’re all finished.”Nervously Lindsay sat up and reached around to her
back and unhooked her bra that was covering her
impressive `C’ cup breasts. She let her bra dangle
momentarily in front of her before she let it fall
exposing her breasts. To say I was surprised at what
was exposed was an understatement. Her bra was
obviously well padded. Sure she had breasts, firm
upthrust, pink nippled `B’ cup breasts but they were
nowhere as impressive as they had looked when she was
wearing her bra.Her nipples reacted to the sensation of fresh air and
hardened noticeably. As this occurred Lindsay
reluctantly slipped off her panties and lay before the
doctor, naked, covering herself as best she could.The doctor had to ask her to lower her hands which
made me chuckle to myself.Lindsay had dark curly pubic hair spread thinly over
her pubic area which Dr. Lennon rated at Tanner stage
3. Her areolas and nipples had formed a separate mound
above the level of her breast which Dr. Lennon rated
as Tanner stage 4 despite the fact that her true
breasts were small.Dr. Lennon then had Lindsay lay on her back with her
knees bent to her chest and spread apart as much as
she could manage. This position allowed Lindsay’s
introitus to open up and allowed Dr. Lennon better
visualization of her hymen.Dr. Lennon then proceeded to inspect Lindsay’s labia
major, and minor, and then her clitoral hood. The
remainder of her external genitalia was then carefully
inspected by Dr. Lennon who reached down and placed
gentle traction on her labia major moving the skin
both laterally and posteriorly to allow good
visualization of Lindsay’s most private of parts.My penis was rock hard with arousal from seeing a
naked girl for the first time in my life but the stare
that Lindsay gave me through the crack in the privacy
screen when she was dressing beggared no doubt that my
life was forfeit if I told anyone what I had just
seen.I was totally mesmerized by Lindsay’s nakedness The
image of her laying there naked was permanently etched
into my brain and bought the greatest day of my life
so far to a fitting close. I had seen all Uncensored Preteen Toplist the 8th
grade boys suffer humiliation and embarrassment and
tomorrow there would be more. All the 8th grade girls
would be exposed.You just can’t beat good luck!
The End
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